About us


We are two young scientists working with remote and proximal sensing techniques for biogeoscience studies. Our research activities have been focused in recent years on the use of field spectroscopy for dectecting Sun Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence.



Andreas_BurkartDr. Andreas Burkart, Doctor in Biology. Andreas did his PhD in the Forschungszentrum Jülich in the field of UAV based remote sensing of agricultural landscapes. At the same time Andreas worked on the retrieval of Sun-Induced-Fluorescence of plants. Research Gate



tommires-150x150Dr. Tommaso Julitta, PhD in Evironmental Sciences. Tommaso grew up in the Remote Sensing of Environmental Dynamics Laboratory of the University of Milano Bicocca, working on Remote sensing data analysis and in field spectroscopy, mainly focused on Sun-Induced Chorophyll Fluorescence. Research Gate

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