Das Leuchten der Pflanzen – An exhibition about chlorophyll fluorescence

While chlorophyll fluorescence is well known in research for tracking photosynthesis of plants, it is a totally new phenomenon for the public. With the emerging ESA-FLEX mission, the complex mechanisms of chlorophyll fluorescence and their impacts for research and the society are opened to a wider audience.
The exhibition “Das Leuchten der Pflanzen”, running in the botanical garden of the university of Düsseldorf, Germany, takes a step towards that direction. In small steps, the visitor is guided from the simple plants towards the photosynthesis machinery and the emission of fluorescence. In a dark chamber full of dark adapted plants the fluorescence itself can finally be seen with the eye adopting an elegant experiment, developed in the IBG-2 of the research center Jülich.
The design of the exhibition was realized within three master thesis by students of the Exhibition Design Institute of the Hochschule Düsseldorf.
If you visit the exhibition, you might discover some input of JB Hyperspectral as well.

“Das Leuchten der Pflanzen” runs from the 12. of July till the 03. of September 2017.
More information at: www.dasleuchtenderpflanzen.de

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